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  • Mikayla Moore

Freedom Dreams

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Might delete later.

I've been growing in myself for so long that I thought when I knew what I wanted for my life, that it would feel.... freeing? But if anything I feel more trapped than ever. Trapped in grocery stores and 9 to 5 jobs.. daycare and public school... and I'm not enjoying what I want to enjoy. I'm hardly enjoying the little things. I met this journey after I had my second son. Seeing formula recalls and toxic baby foods... diapers that causes rashes and foods filled with hormones.. I just don't want them to grow up like that.

I believe this will be the longest journey of my life - trying to live all naturally. It's definitely a process of a million baby steps.

Switch the kids' soap.

Now toothpaste,

Now dish soap,

Now lotions,

Now cut red dye,

Now cut extra sugar,

Now cut seed oils,

Now make vinegar,

Learn to make skin care,

Learn to make baby skin care,

Learn as much as you can about gardening and natural herbs,

Start saving shampoo recipes,

Look up how to homeschool,

And the journey just keeps going.

I desperately want my kids to thrive in a natural environment. I don't want to poison them with soda and fast food and give them tablets and TVs... while that might be nice sometimes, I don't want it to be our way of life is all.

I dream of waking up and taking my boys out to milk the cow, feed the chickens and goats, collect eggs, check the garden for breakfast veggies, start some cheese and bread and simply live.

I want my house filled with plants and a tub outside where I can soak and read books with a sunset.

I want a garden that is so abundant with fruits, vegetables and herbs that applying for food stamps never has to cross my mind again.

I want to forage mushrooms and dandelions in the woods while my kids chase each other around and laugh and play.

More than anything I just want to live on my own time with minimal stress and anxiety and something just full of peace and love.

Most days I wonder what state of health I'm actually in too. Will I make it to make my dreams come true. It's hard not to wonder different outcomes of life knowing what I know and what I've been through. At the end of the day, everyone dies... and you don't get to know when.

I hope I meet my dream in its full potential one day. Until that day I'll just keep trying to get there.

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