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  • Mikayla Moore

Dry Shampoo

I'll dive into the dry shampoo, what it is and how/why I made it.

The recipe is pretty basic as far as natural dry shampoos go. It's a blend of powders to help rid odor and contain oil. You could just use the powder but I needed it to spray and I didn't want to look like I awoke from a dusty library cellar or something because it's usually white or whiteish in color.

I've been using the recipe for awhile now and recently I was like, but make it black, so I did. Also I remembered a hair product that would poof into your hair and I wanted to find packaging to recreate that. Rubbing the powder in right at the roots has the best results and adds volume.

I also wanted it to be user friendly so the spout folds and the bottle isn't under any pressure, that way it can go where you go.

Going camping? Won't attract bugs.

Throwing it in the gym bag? Won't spill.

Living in a vehicle? Won't explode.

Have a million kids? Non-toxic.

This dry shampoo is a game changer and perfect for anyone who wants to use it. It comes in a reusable container and with a shelf life of two years and a little going a long way, it's practical too.

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